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Dental Patient Education & Resources

We value the relationships we build with our dental patients. Dr. Mirsepasi always takes the time to explain and educate each patient about all of their dental treatment options. Equally important is helping patients understand how lifestyle choices affect the health of our teeth and body. For instance drinking large amounts of coffee, tea, or red wine will reduce the benefits from teeth whitening.

We have put together a frequently asked questions page. If you have a dental question that is not answered there, please asks us at your next appointment, or give us a call or email. We are excited about dentistry and welcome your questions. Additional pages for your reference are terminology, post operative instructions, and other dental related sites.

Dentist Office Patient Comfort

Dr. Mirsepasi’s Dental Care Resources Include:

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Health and Treatments
  • Dental Terminology
  • Post-Operative Instructions for Dental Patients
  • Other Dental Related Resources & Websites