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Swimming & Your Teeth

Swimming & Your Teeth

ymca-blog-summer-swimming-lessonsSummer is here, and if you or someone you know is going to be spending six or more hours a week in a swimming pool, you better read this important information!

Too much exposure to pool water can affect your teeth! Most people are surprised when they learn about the possibility of corrosive effects that the chemicals in pool water can have on your mouth. With a pool you are constantly trying to keep the same temperature, chlorine level and pH levels balanced. When the pH levels are not balanced and even when they are, your beautiful teeth are being exposed to the acidity!

If you are in a pool for a prolonged time, like on a swim team for school, exercise purposes, or when summertime rolls around, look for these potential problems:

  • Swimmers Calculus: This will show up as hard brown tarter that make an appearance on your front teeth. To be removed you need a deep dental cleaning.

2.)    Eroded Enamel: Acids eat away at our teeth, and it can come from anywhere. The most common places are sports drinks, soda, and pool water. When the acid impacts your enamel it can lead to faster decay and sensitivity.

So when that first sunny and hot week rolls around, don’t be shy to jump right in, but make sure to drink water! And we don’t mean the pool water. Every so often take a couple drinks of water and swish around your mouth.

Thank you for your trust in us! We look forward to seeing you during your next visit!