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How to Prepare for an Interview – Smile.

How to Prepare for an Interview – Smile.


Yes, we all know that a relationship builds over time. But an amazing first impression can make a longing impact on another individual. For most people, they want to do their best to make themselves memorable for a job interview and what better way to do that than to improve your smile!

A study done by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry said that 50% of adults remember others by their smile after meeting them. Only 9% recall what that person was wearing. So when you go to pick out your best clothes, don’t forget your pearly whites!

Having that bright smile can open up your career opportunities according to a study done in 2007. They suggested that someone with a whiter smile were more likely to be offered a job and offered higher starting salaries. Naturally you are also more confident and perceived to be more professional after whitening.

Once you get past that first impression that gives you the chance to let the “real” you show, and that is the most important part. Always remember to think before your interview of any questions you want to ask and anything you would like to say so you can remain calm and not be as nervous. The right attitude can have a huge impact!

If there is something about your smile that you don’t feel confident about, you don’t have to live with it. Come in and talk to with us. We can explain to you the options and let you pick the plan that fits your goals and budget.

We hope to see you soon & good luck in landing your dream job!