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How to Care for Dentures?

How to Care for Dentures?

Your dentures will last longer and fit better if you properly care for them.  Here are a few tips:

♦ Clean dentures daily to keep them clean.

-First step, rinse your denture thoroughly with water and run your fingers along the inside edges to remove any large pieces of debris or other substances. Rinse them under a full tap to wash away debris.

-Brush all surfaces of the denture with a soft-bristle denture brush, not a toothbrush.  Skip the toothpaste for the denture to avoid damaging it.  However, remember to use a fluoride toothpaste to brush your own gums, tongue and any natural teeth.

-Rinse your dentures with water after each meal.

-Denture cleaners are best for soaking dentures, but soaking is not a substitute for brushing—you need to brush the dentures to remove plaque.

♦ Carefully handle your denture

-When cleaning or handling your denture place a folded towel below or fill the sink with water to avoid chipping or breaking it in case it slips and falls.

-Never soak your denture in hot water as this can warp the plastic.

-Never wrap your denture in paper towel as it may accidentally get thrown away. Always have proper accessories for cleaning and storing your dentures.

-Always store dentures in a denture container with denture solution or water to keep moist, they should not be allowed to get dry or lose their shape.

♦ Steps for a better fit.

-Use a minimum amount of denture adhesive, if needed. Be sure to remove any remaining adhesive daily as you clean.

-Remove your dentures (full or partial) every night.  Your gum tissues beneath the denture rest and stay healthier.

-Regular six month dental visits allow the fit and condition of your dentures to be examined.  If there are any signs of irritation or gum disease they can be immediately treated.

→Generally, even well cared dentures will need to be replaced after five or seven years.  If it has been awhile since you saw a dentist or are feeling discomfort from your denture, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mike Hamid Mirsepasi for a full evaluation.  Dr. Mirsepasi, the only prosthodontist in Richardson and Dallas, received three years of post-graduate training focused on dentures and all tooth replacement options.