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You can never anticipate when you or a member of your family will need an emergency dentist in Richardson. This is particularly true in cases of major collision accidents that result in cracked, broken or dislodged teeth. Some tooth injuries are so severe that an immediate visit to a local dentist is mandatory. Unfortunately, many dental offices are only open during weekday business hours, which can be of great inconvenience to patients who require evening and weekend dental care.

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Thankfully, Dr. Hamid Mirsepasi’s dental office on Buckingham Road is an ideal solution for those an emergency dentist in the Richardson area. Dr. Mirsepasi is an award-winning cosmetic dentist who is deeply committed to the oral health of his patients. With the goal of serving patients foremost in mind, Saturday appointments at his office are available on request. Extending operations beyond normal office hours enables Dr. Mirsepasi and his team to provide on-the-spot treatment as soon as possible.

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Having an emergency dentist in Richardson for damaged teeth is especially important because hours and even minutes might mean the difference. This is particularly true when a tooth is dislodged or completely knocked out. There is only a short time frame in which dentists can successfully reinstall the tooth. People can follow valuable knocked-out tooth tips like keeping it clean in a glass of milk or water, but timely treatment from a dental expert is essential because every second is crucial.

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Dr. Mirsepasi is the sort of emergency dentist Richardson residents can rely upon and trust. When a patient comes in for an emergency visit, the staff stabilizes the injury and provides pain medicine when necessary. Thanks to his years of advanced dental training, Dr. Mirsepasi is equipped to handle a wide range of tooth injuries. As one of the few practicing prosthodontists in Richardson, Dr. Mirsepasi is qualified to provide his patients with cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, crowns, bridges, and more.

If you’re seeking a prosthodontist and emergency dentist serving Richardson, contact Dr. Hamid Mirsepasi today!

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